Launched in 2019 by a successful career builder and is designed to help you decide, plan, document & comply with site H&S.

Our experience in working on myriad building sites, and seeing others’ sites in progress highlighted a real need in Health and Safety compliance. The vast majority of builders want to do the right thing, and ensure the complete safety all employees, contractors, visitors and clients on site.

However, H&S on site has become such a huge issue over the past few years that many builders, especially small and medium sized ones, are confused and scared to even scratch the surface for the fear of opening Pandora’s box. As a result, many keep their heads down, and hope for the best meaning the risks on site are not fully understood and critical documentation is not compliant or simply not available.

As with many in our field, we turned to a H&S specialist. Whilst they produce all of the documentation and offer initial advice in setting up a site, we often felt none-the-wiser about the underlying H&S. The specialist would create large folders full of paperwork, that in itself doesn’t make the site any safer. It usually costs around £1000 to boot.

We came up with the idea of an app ‘assistant’ which could be used by both the on-site team and the back office. Not only would it be a wizard that asked the right questions based on the job, but it produced the paperwork needed, and critically gave the end user a lot more knowledge H&S and power to make sites even safer.

Our passion is to help the small to medium sized builder who typically do not have the project volumes or resource to hire an H&S person full time. So Ohutu is ideally suited for anyone from a one man band to a company employing up to 20 or so staff. Ohutu is designed to help building companies comply with Health and Safety, yes. But even more importantly, it’s designed to be an assistant that helps you to stop and think things through and capture decision-making and evidence along the way, should anything go wrong. Decide, plan, document, comply.

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