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Construction Phase Plan Template

What’s a Construction Phase Plan Template? It may come as a surprise, but no matter what job you’re doing, if it involves any construction at all you’ll need a Construction Phase Plan (CPP). It’s a requirement under CDM 2015.

You’ll need to create one regardless of how long or how large your project is. A CPP sets out the health and safety arrangements and site rules for the construction phase of your project.

If you want to see what one looks like, pop in your email address and we’ll send you sample Construction Phase Plan template via email.

    Yes, they certainly can be time consuming to create by hand, so why not take the pain out of creating your CPP and let us help?

    Sign up for a free trial of Ohutu and you can create your Construction Phase Plan for free. This is just some of what you get in your beautifully designed document that your customer will love!

    What’s inside the Construction Phase Plan Template?

    Risk Assessments
    HSE law sheets
    Accident sheets
    COSHH reports
    Site set up list
    Site Induction sheets
    Even a map to the hospital that’s closest to your building site!

    The whole 9 yards…

    No strings attached. Simply add in a few details about your project and the documentation will get created automatically for you. Our intelligent questionnaire will guide you through the process. You’ll only need to answer the questions that are relevant to your particular project.

    You’ll get a professional looking CPP which is branded to your business, and specific to your individual project. All in under 10 minutes. If you’re quick off the draw, we reckon you could do it 5.
    If that sounds like a challenge, well, it is!
    Give it a go and see how long it takes, we think it’ll be worth it. Imagine how long it would take you to create one from scratch?